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Licensed & Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coaching

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Meet Coach Joaniebop!

It's Not Enough to Do Your Best, You Must First KNOW What To Do, Then Do Your Best! 

~William E. Deming

Joan Baucum-Robinson BSE, MBA, LSSBB

Improvement Practitioner, Leader Builder, Awareness Jedi Knight, & Owner

Hello! I go by Coach Joaniebop!

I love to equip people to grow into Authentic & Purpose-Filled leaders. It is my privilege & honor to walk alongside others using my passions and gifts to accelerate change! 

I have the innate ability to deep dive situations, dig out the root causes, and devise an action plan for success. I can absorb information, tear it apart, simplify it, then put it back together again for practical application. My credentials include:

  • BSE in Industrial Engineering Technology, University of Dayton
  • MBA in Organizational Leadership, Human Resources, Liberty University
  • Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt-Certified, Villanova University
  • Certified & Licensed John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, & Coach
  • Certified Master Enneagram Coach

I have been employed by prestigious companies all over the US in roles such as Lean/Continuous Improvement, Quality, Logistics, Product Development/Commercialization, Engineering, and Project Management. I am an engaging speaker & facilitator; I bring energy and passion to every opportunity given before me. I enjoy coaching, mentoring, teaching and training influential, high potential leaders and professionals. My sphere of personal influence has touched Churches, Corporations, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs, local schools, small groups, and individuals alike.

I have personally helped individuals get prepped and implement new business ventures (personal and non-profit), goal planning, personal leadership, and navigating transformative change. I bring accelerated accountability; where forward momentum is inevitable when I am involved. I've developed a recipe for success where every Client benefits. I empower and encourage, as they go hand in hand. I create value that shows up week over week improvement. I give you real solutions that are sustainable in reaching the results that pay dividends.

I offer Personal Leadership and Self-Awareness that will propel you into doing Better On Purpose, 

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