So much to do and never enough time to do it! 

There will never be enough of anything, as a people, we are needy and selfish at best. Instead of trying to do it all and stuff all the things, events, assignments, tasks, practices, etc., into a 24HR block let us remember... 

Consistency + Intentionality is what gives us 

Compound Interest of "Time,"

and it's best to just


Coach Joaniebop

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"One of the most defining realizations of this journey was learning that I wasn’t meant to do life alone. I needed other people—friends, mentors and leaders who could love me into the woman God always meant for me to be."

Coach Joaniebop

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"Open Door Initiative"

Let your Perspectives Be Challenged...

 This Christian-based initiative is built on the premise of being open to listen, learn, and educate, as well as moving to action and potential steps forward.

Open Door Initiative focuses on self-awareness in the areas of conflict resolution, building and maintaining healthy relationships, diversity at all levels, community outreach, and a safe space for all.

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